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2011 Honda CR-V needs valve adjustment?

Read your article about Hondas. I have 2011 CRV. Does it have a timing belt? Should I have Valves adjusted? I’m at 62,000 mileage.

No, it has a timing chain

If your car needs periodic valve adjustment, that will be listed in the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. Have you checked there yet?

The valve lash should be inspected and adjusted as necessary every 30k miles. I fully understand that car manufacturers will state otherwise.

I think that is a little overkill on the valve adjustment? 100,000 miles is usually fine on these motors for valve adjustments if they are properly maintained.

I’m pretty sure that the manual on my '14 says that valve adjustment is needed if they’re noisy or some such language; in other words, it’s based on an inspection, not on a mileage interval. Can’t say what the '11 manual says.

I’m seeing valve clearance measurement recommended at 110K miles in the severe service table. Good idea to have that done. There will likely be no adjustment required, but if there is one, could save you a bundle in replacing burned valves later.

I have to disagree and for this reason. I started in the days when valve lash inspections were recommended very 15k miles. I’ve done more of them on more brands of cars than I can even imagine.

Very, very seldom did I ever see a car that did not need one or more adjusted. This included Hondas, Subarus, Nissans, SAABs, VWs, Volvos, and Fiats.

All car makers state that the valve inspection should be audible. That is total hokum. That leaves tappet noise as a subjective opinion. That in turn can mean they’re too loose or worst of all; too tight. Either way can cause damage.

Car makers don’t want consumers to get surprised with charges for a valve adjustment procedure so they blow it off. Most people luck out; some do not.


I’ve owned many Honda vehicles over many miles and many years. And I’ve never done a valve adjustment unless the valves started making noise.

The 97 Accord with 212,000 miles with the V6 engine I drive now has never had the valves adjusted since new.

I know this because I’ve serviced the vehicle since it went out of warranty, and I’m the second owner.


Reminded me of Chevys’ stovebolts with solid lifters. They were so noisy Chevy added sound absorbing mat in the valve cover.

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