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2014 Honda Accord - Oil consumption

This car is evidently having “excess oil consumption” according to some websites on this make and model. There is no oil leak but having to add oil before time for an oil change. Honda’s solution is to check the oil every time you get gas. Have you heard of this happening? We have had a 2003 Accord and also a 2007 with no issue.

There is nothing unusual or abnormal about that. What’s important is that you regularly check and add as needed. Honda will have published material about how much oil consumption is allowed before corrective action is taken.

I believe that is written in your owner’s manual as well. Just like having to air up the tires and fill the windshield washer fluid regularly. Not just Hondas. Every car.


As already mentioned, you should check your oil regularly on any car, not just these. I check mine every second or third weekend when I’m working in the garage.

How many miles per quart?