2014 GMC Yukon - Buffeting

2014 Yukon with noise on outside of buffeting but no one can find a remedy?? This sound like wheel cover flaps have became unhinged BUT NO all solid as a rock!

My trailblazer gets wind buffeting noises occasionally. It can sound pretty rude, but only happens rarely. There is nothing mechanically wrong, just one of those quirky things that happens every now and then. I can deal with it no problem as long as it stops and goes like it should. Some body redesign would be needed to fix it I think, but for 3 or 4 times a year I can live with it.

Roof rack? Wheel well liner? Air dam under engine bay? Bumper cover? Plastic rocker panel cover?

This happens with all windows closed?

A Yukon is about as aerodynamic as a brick, so you might not be able to get rid of it. It’s like when you ride a motorcycle. If you have a windshield and a helmet, you’re going to get some buffeting at highway speeds, and the only way to solve it is to get rid of either the windshield or the helmet. (I prefer to ditch the windshield.)

When does this happen, at highway speeds? With the windows up, down, or both? I’ve noticed something similar in a 2015 Jetta, but only when I have the back windows open.

Unless you can get someone to hang under the car while driving, the best solution may be to find someone with a set of mechanics ears. Essentially very sensitive microphones that can be placed around and under the vehicle to help identify the source of noise. You sit in the car while underway and switch from mic to mic to find which one is louder. Then, if necessary, keep relocating them closer to the loudest mic until you find the offending element. Likely a skid shield, fender flap or some such element that seems tight but is flapping while underway.

I use mine all the time and they are very efficient at finding such issues…