2014 GMC Acadia - Backup camera issue

I was backing in my driveway looking at my backup camera when all of a sudden it got muck darker just ligk you turned the brightness way down. Got any answers to why this happened?

Look at the back of the vehicle, see if you can see the camera location. It will probably look like a round dot of some sort. Maybe some mud got on it.

I was at the end of my driveway at dusk, weather was clear and dry. As I was backing up I was watching the back up camera and it was just like someone turned the brightness way down. I got out wiped the lens off got back in and it was still very dark. I was trying to find someone that might have had the same problem so that I would not have to go through some painful process to resolve the problem.

Neither of my vehicles have a back up camera, sorry can’t be of more help there. This is likely something that will require a dealership’s assistance. Carefully look at that section of the owner’s manual first.

Possible the camera is flaking out if the other functions on the radio look normal brightness . Yes the fun part for this technology that people seem to think they need to get from point A to point B . And it’s generally not cheap to fix this stuff either .

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Most of my newer model years vehicles have automatic brightness control on the display. At dusk, they often take a few minutes to decide to adjust but when they do, the display dims noticeably. There may be nothing wrong with your camera system if the next day, it returned to the original brightness level…

My guess: your automatic headlights turned on, dimming the dash display.