2014 Ford Mustang - suspicious of dealer mechanics

At 15,000 miles we stopped for oil change in Ocala,FL. Two Ford mechanics took our 2014 CS for 15 minutes unauthorized joy-ride. On the way home to Naples, car developed series of problems:
Variable pitch noise from the rear. Costco discovered curb rub on the right rear wheel… Than Sync, radio, a/c failed. We had Car serviced in Ft Myers, FL. The Dealer rebuild rear end computer system. The bill of several $ thousands contained several charges for work not done. Upon challenging these charges were refunded. Rear end noise is stil there. 5 month and 100 miles later, after a short drive car was parked in front of the garage to cool down. After driving it inside the garage, the instrument color suddenly changed from blue to red. All warning lights started to flash, message center displayed No fuel, ABS, traction control Off, Low tire, Battery Failed, engine died - now will not start…
A friend installed new (EXPANSIVE) high speed rated tires on his Roush Mustang, then he took it to Ford in Naples, for some service. Mechanics took his Mustang on an unauthorized joy-ride. When they pulled inside the bay, tires were smoking. My friend was furious…
With these kind of experiences, where and how do we get our vehicles serviced? The Ford Motor Co., has some challenging clean-up to do…

Have you contacted Ford as described in your owners manual?
Only 15,000 miles on an eight year old vehicle?
The Ford dealership I use is awesome.


Yes, I did. The Ford trained talker was not helpful and basically blew me off and told me to go back to the dealership…

Our Mustang is 50th California Special, just before re-design. We are keeping it as a collectible, because only a few CS were made. In FL car did not require any (so called) anti-pollution crap. (California Special NOT for Sale on the crazy left coast, CA, OR, WA…)

Not to become “hangar queen” (pilot talk) we take GT/CS for a short drive every 10 days.

When I was a kid; I had Mach I. (modified for high performance) GT/CS is smaller substitute for the good old days…

Ps. are you interested in knowing the details how I caught F-dealer claiming and billing for services not performed?

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So, you have a solid rear end. What parts were replaced from curb hit?

Every 3,000 miles or 6 month - Oil & Filter on all our vehicles. (on planes and boats every 50 hours)

You paid for rear end rebuild. Go back to dealer they can tell you if rear end is not cause of noise.

That is my plan. In the mean time I am checking if any Mustang owners had noise problem originating from the back . FT Myers Dealer diagnoses was likely wrong as the rear end re-build (after only 15K miles) did not solve the problem.

I suspect that the abusive joy ride by the Ocala Ford mechanics cased not yet identified problem. I missed in my report that when Costco did our tire rotation, they also noticed scrape on one of the exhaust resonators.

Just today, a tire mechanic, Mustang owner suggested that if there was a curb rash on the right rear rim, to check that wheel bearing.

I’ll share any new findings. After not just my negative dealer experiences; it is tough to go back.


Ps. We miss our 1976 and 1986 Cutlass Supremes. Each gave us 350,000 trouble free miles Our 1986 E-350 with 460 cid runs like a clock and it has done a lot of heavy towing… We miss the good old days…

Was this oil change done at a Ford dealership? How do you know the mechanics took the car for a joy ride? Do they admit doing so? Or do you have other evidence the joy ride occurred? If a joy ride happened, of course it shouldn’t have, and you have a pretty good argument in your favor.

Calling Ford corporate about the suspected joy-ride will accomplish nothing

Your problem is with the people working at the dealership, who aren’t Ford employees


I can assure you there are still pollution controls all over your CS Mustang just as there is on my Florida Mustang.

Sounds like your beef is with the Galloway Ford for the joyride and work not done if you have proof. Contact their management and show them what you found and see what they say and offer to do about it. If you don’t like their answer, time to bring in the lawyers. Ford doesn’t care, they are not involved. I have dealt with Galloway and not had any issues with them.

I have no experience with Tamiami Ford in Naples.

Keep in mind, these cars tend to have noisy rearends. Have the fluid level checked as well as roughness and any bends in the axle on the side that was hit.


We change oil and filter every 3,000 miles or 6 months. Normally we do it ourselves. This time; we were on a trip, so stopped at dealership.

We saw two mechanics getting in our car parked in the front of the dealership. We walked to the bay side. Mechanics drove up to the work-bay 15 min later. We tried to ask why it took 15 minutes to get around the building, instead were told that we were not allowed there and to go back to customer waiting area…

I was going to see the Mgr., but my wife somewhat worried told me not to get in a fight, because they may do something to our car…

We had one other similiaexperience with our Expedition.


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CONTINUED: trying to fix typo somehow message was send before completion…

anyway, due to medical procedure I could not do checks done in 10,000 mile intervals on our Expedition.

This FL Dealership needed our Expedition for 4 days what would have taken me 4 - 6 hours. (work takes me longer a I strive for perfection)

When we picked up our Expedition, it had 50 more miles on odometer (per paper work) and also on on trip A & B monitor.

The customer service called mechanic for explanation - reply test driving…No work performed required any test driving.

Ever since then, if we must go to a dealer, we zero trip logs and tell them that for any driving aside from parking to work bay, a reason must be given and our permission obtained.




I would agree with taking this/these issues up with the dealership, rather than Ford corporate.

Having said that… I’d suggest that perhaps you try a local, non-dealer mechanic for your next vehicle service.

Good luck.

Not sure about that statement . A Google search seems to show that the 2014 Mustang GT/CS was 50 state legal . And why would a California Special not be sold in California ?

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This doesn’t seem like the sort of definitive proof you’d want to have to prove the mechanics took your Mustang for a joy ride. I understand you’re suspicion is partly based on prior experience w/you Expedition, but there’s no clear logical link from the Mustang to the prior Expedition work.

I’m not saying the dealership mechanics didn’t damage your Mustang, just that your arguments will probably be seen as not very convincing to an independent assessor. I’d guess that if they did damage your Mustang, the damage occurred in the shop, not during that missing 15 minutes.

Here’s a dealership story of my own. Fuel pump stopped working, mechanics discovered there’s a recall, requiring re-wiring of that circuit, which I agreed they should do. When I picked up the car it started & drove ok, so I took it. Later discovered the fuel pump was now on all the time the key was in “run”, while before it was only on if the engine was running. I looked at the relay and associated wiring, discovered the relay was now partially melted and the wiring was done incorrectly. Took the car back, explaining the problem. Service manager said the engine was supposed to run anytime the key is in “on”, irrespective of the engine running or not. But he said he’d have the staff take a look. When I came back the next day, the service manager said no work was required, everything was already correct. But now the fuel pump only ran when the engine was running, the relay now was no longer melted, and the wiring had been changed.

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Where I work . . . I’m a public sector fleet mechanic . . . there is a 1st trip, then there is the service, repairs, whatever, then there is a 2nd trip, to make sure everything is still okay, verify the repairs, etc.

And if there’s some concern with the brakes, steering, suspension, etc., there will definitely be multiple trips

I’ll try to simplify . . . think of the 1st trip as getting a baseline

Many times on that 1st trip, it turns out the vehicle which looks great is in fact NOT great. Steering wheel shaking, brake pedal pulsating, noises, etc. Things that would NOT be evident if you don’t go on that road test

And you’ll definitely need that 2nd trip to make sure your repairs did indeed fix the problem(s)


Sorry, but I have no time for your nonsensical argument. We know what happened and not you, particularly when you miss-characterized it with our Expedition - that was later and at other place.

Please do not bother with further replies…


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Would you like us to send you a hankie to deal with that snotty response?

George was just trying to help and does not deserve that kind of attitude on a public forum.


No worries, everyone is entitled to voice their opinion.


Thanks, I understand need for test drives for certain repaired. However, oil and oil and filter change does not warrant 15 minutes ride by two mechanics prior to working on (Mustang)…

Expedition - different dealership:

Oil & Filter Change, Computer Diagnostics and complementary fluid check, Wheel aliment check, A/C refrigerant charge, radiator flush and antifreeze refill. ( Expedition 50 miles drive was not required for any of that)

Initially I planned to do the Oil & Filter Change, A/C refrigerant charge check, radiator flush and antifreeze refill, however then due to emergency surgery I would have to delay this work. That is not a good maintenance, that is why vehicle was taken to the dealership.

I brought with me 3 gallons of Antifreeze concentrate purchased from the dealer (Ford changed to YELLOW) + 3 gallons of distilled water.

When we picked up our vehicle, we looked at the bill and then quick look under the hood. Reservoir had original (used) ORANGE antifreeze.

Power-steering and brake reservoirs were not topped off. We then asked the billing guy to come to vehicle, showed him the bill and asked for explanation. After they chatted with the shop people, they said to leave the vehicle one more day. (we just drove 35 miles to get our vehicle)

Instead we had them take the charge off and give us back our 3 gallons of antifreeze.

Just before leaving we noticed 50 extra miles…

My wife at this point was furious (she babies that car) She raised her voice: "Lets get out of here - we are not coming back!

Addendum: when we arrived home, after car cooled down a bit, I decided to pull dip-stick. The oil was just below the add hole. Took full quart to bring it to full.

In closing; I originally posted in hope to hear back some useful technical mechanical tips for our Mustang.

Thanks, again for your reply, however after this; I am leaving this site as my time here was 100% non-productive…