2014 Ford Escape - Rear diff

diagnosed with rear diff problem by dealership (ford)

Sorry to read that, did you have a question?

If the differential needs to be repaired, you can undoubtedly have it done by an independent mechanic’s shop for a lot less than the dealership would charge. There is really no reason to take a 7 year old car to a dealership for this type of repair.

Electronic clutch locking assy issues seem to be common on some brands…

I wish I had a local mechanic that I knew or was recommended to me for my area, 11740, NY, greenlawn, huntington, do you know anyone who is trustworthy to do this job?

Google is a good resource. Yelp as well. Friendz and co-workers, too. Look for a well rated independent auto repair shop. Stay away from the big chains like Pep Boys. You may have to wait for the repair, good shops have crowded lots.

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thank you so much for your help