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2014 Ford Escape Ecoboost Brake Noise

Live in Las Vegas, NV & brand new car is starting to make a sloshing sound when I brake. I honestly can’t say if it’s been doing it since I got it in June 2014, but hubby pointed out the noise to me just recently and now that’s all I hear. I’ve tried stopping fast, coming to a regular stops and everything in between type of stops and the noise can be heard every time. Could it be the gas I hear sloshing in the tank when I stop?

Gonna answer my own question here…I’ve done some online investigating & found this:

Nice work.
It sounds like Ford engineers should have included a baffle in the tank.

Yep! Gonna leave up to hubby if we still take it in, but I think the gas tank is it.

Keeping the tank above 3/4 full just might mitigate the splashing.

It’s completely full right now (or at least registers that way) & it still makes quite the splashing sound.

Another example of a car maker using the general public as lab rats… :slight_smile:

It’s an Escape… they probably just cheaped out.

I was thinking that some Dynamat might help, but adding sound dampening is a bit much to suggest to someone on their brand new vehicle, and I’m thus reluctant to mention it. If the tank is accessible, I’d do something like that, but I’m crazy.

OP, if you would like info on sound dampening, just say so and I’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for the offer, but it doesn’t really bother me. What had me worried was that their might be a bigger issue, but if it’s just gas sloshing noise, it’s ok.