2014 Engine Light turns on then goes Off

The Engine Light of my 2014 Chevy Impala LT comes on then goes Off, typically after starting the car a couple of times.
I had it hooked up to the computer and read the OBD II Code, and it states that"Bank 1 and Bank 2 are running Lean".
Now I am not sure what that is supposed to mean, nor what should be fixed/replaced.
What should I do about this code?

The code is telling you the cylinders are getting too much air and too little fuel. I suspect you need to have the throttle body cleaned or possibly the idle air control valve is faulty.

When the mass air flow sensor is dirty it won’t accurately measure the air that is entering the engine and the fuel system will run lean. Try cleaning the mass air flow sensor.

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what solvents can smebody use juss incase wen cleaning


What were the actual codes P0123
Bank 1 and Bank 2 running lean can mean several things, to much un-metered air, to little fuel, exhaust leak.
Without the actual codes, all we can do is guess

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