2014 Dodge Ram 2500 - Rain problems

My truck has ligts coming on every time i drive in rain stating water is getiing in gas filters and need to replace. i do not drive in rain any more the filters are to expensive.

I am not familiar with your truck but, if you have auto lights that come on when it gets dark out it will also come on when it rains because there is no sun. if that is not the case then you might have a wiring problem where the humidity affects the wires or connectors creating a sort of a short causing them to come on.
water cannot get into the gas filters from the outside of your truck. it would have to come from the water in your gas tank.

That’s the nature of diesel fuel.

It contains water


Next dry day do an experiment, run a garden sprinkler on top of the truck and try to figure out how the water is getting in. May be some distorted or damaged seals. Inspect both the cab area and the engine compartment area. Common rain-water entrances

  • light fixtures
  • radio antenna base
  • the bottom of the windshield/hood interface.

Make sure all leaves/twigs are vacuumed from vents in windshield/hood area, otherwise rain water might flow into engine compartment. Check drainage on door bottoms too. If those drain holes get clogged,any rain hitting side windows that gets past the seal will flow inside door (designed to work like that), but if water can’t escape, it can moves from door into passenger compartment.

Clean any accumulated debris from edge of roof, edge of hood areas also.

Unlikely rain water is getting into fuel filters. If that was possible, seems like you’d notice fuel leaks in that same area. What makes you think rain water is getting into the fuel filters? Does engine run or idle poorly when it is raining? If rain water was adversely affecting an engine-related filter, more likely it would be the engine air filter. Is that getting wet?

Through the fuel tank vent on top of the tank. Diesel tanks are not designed the same as gasoline tanks.

There is a water sensor in the filter and a warning message in the instrument cluster.

Ok, that makes more sense for the water in the fuel problem; water somehow first getting into fuel tank, and from there into fuel filters. Lights problem, if water related, probably different path.

Am i missing something? OP said gas filter. the 2014 ram 2500 came with a 5.7 Hemi, 6.4 Hemi or a diesel engine.

I’m assuming you mean you’re getting a water in fuel warning light, and your truck is diesel. Not gasoline powered. Gas powered models wouldn’t have a warning light. Also this probably doesn’t have anything to do with the weather. Diesel will sometimes just have water in it. Most diesel powered vehicles will have this happen every now and then. Doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the truck.

you don’t have to replace the filter every time the light comes on. There’s a valve at the bottom of the filter housing, if you give it a turn, the water will drain out. Once it’s out, just tighten it back and you’re good. With that the said, you’re supposed to replace it every 15k miles. It’s considered regular maintenance.

If this is case, it would seem that the OP might not be familiar with the foibles of diesels.