2014 Dodge Durango transmission disengages

2014 Citadel. 44,000 miles. while driving along, the inside and outside lights shut off, transmission disengages, cannot shift out of drive ( which is slipping and not moving the car) engine stays running. 4 way flashers work. Message says to shut car off in order to put transmission in park. Once engine is shut off, selector will move to park. Car starts itself. Had this happen eight times in 10 miles. This is scary at night because I lose all lights. message says service transmission and engine service light is now on.

This is the kind of software driven nightmare that only a dealer can resolve. Hopefully there is an update available or at least some trouble codes set to guide the dealership. Impress upon the dealership how dangerous this is and elevate to the zone manager if you have any problems with the dealer.

Sadly, this seems to be a trend with Fiat-Chrysler Co cars.