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2014 Chrysler Voyager - needs 6th new set of brake pads

That might be a possibility but not all of us who brake with the left foot ( my right leg will not press the brake pedal hard enough ) ride the brake pedal .

And you aren’t reporting 6 brake jobs in 58,000 miles, either.

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Try replacing the rotors and pads with Chrysler’s recommended oem parts. Shouldn’t cost that much more than aftermarket. There’s differences in materials between the oem and aftermarket, and it could make a difference for this vehicle. Aftermarket rotors probably don’t have as much nickel alloy in them as the oem rotors have for example, so they’ll rust more rapidly. The surface pitting on the rotors from the rust could cause the pads to wear faster.

Tell us a little more about your driving style btw.