2006 Chrysler Grand Voyager - Brakes go out

Brakes totally disappearing intermiitently.

OK , instead of posting on a forum about brake problems on a 15 year old vehicle why are you not putting this in a brake shop ?


If they are truly disappearing, you should contact Penn and Teller.
If you mean they cease to function, have it towed to a qualified mechanic.


Did you at least check to see if the fluid in your master cylinder is low? It can be low for 2 reasons.

1: A leak? The hydraulic system needs to be repaired.

2: Your pads or shoes are worn and you need a brake job.

If you were experienced in doing brakes, you would probably not be asking this question on an internet forum.

A car with "disappearing brakes’ is not the car to do your first brake job on.

Take to a real mechanic.

A local, independent garage is less likely to take advantage of you than a National or regional chain shop. Don’t be lured in by a low advertised brake price, They almost never include all they parts and work necessary and use the cheapest parts available.


A brake.master cylinder that’s leaking internally can cause that.



All usual stuff is fine. I have had the fluid changed but it made no difference. I then thought someone could be spraying something on the discs but last time it happened I jet washed the discs but it happened again after 20 miles or so. The Voyager has traction control which you can turn off (not advisable) but I did have a warning light on for ABS/traction problem but it says it may disappear under normal usage. Which it did but then re-appeared with an audible warning but the next morning this had gone away I have had no other warnings of either type, but the problem persists. I will get a new master cylinder fitted later later this week. The vehicle has only done 87,000 miles and has a full service history. MOT is due mid August. Thanks for your input. Dave

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So, apparently you are located in The UK. How common is it to see vehicles like yours in The UK?

Or Canada.


I thought that the Canadian agency was known as Transport Canada, or something to that effect.

Yes there are quite a few. The “stow and go” rear seating and Exclusive entertainment in the rear of the vehicle that people like (but don’t use). In my road of 200 or so houses the are three.
I am not sure who would be ultimately the “main dealer” as it has changed repeatedly. Is it Fiat now? I don’t think any current owner of Chrysler would willingly take on this sort of problem as there is no resident knowledge base of the weirder issues. I have some good local mechanics and established businesses that will try there very best to work it out but it has to happen to them or they tend to doubt my problem is as bad as I say if it exists at all. Dave

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I think that a Fiat dealer or a Peugeot/Citroen dealer is probably the place to go for “factory” parts at this point. Chrysler/Fiat is now part of Stellantis, which includes Peugeot, Citroen, Opel, and a few other marques.

Thanks that’s useful I will most likely get the master cylinder changed by my local competent garage and ask that the guy I deal with drives it for a few days and lends me another vehicle. I think he will agree to that but my worry is that having changed cylinders, calipers, pads et all it will still be the same.
PS I had a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado in the 1980s same as boss hogs but no horns on the bonnet! Dave



I think that is unique to the Province of Ontario. In the rest of that nation, this seems to be the agency:

In any event, the OP confirmed that he is located in The UK.

If the hydraulics and power booster have already been checked out, take a careful look in the brake pedal area. Maybe a pivot is broken, cotter pin used to attach brake pedal to MC rod has come loose, etc.

Only, coupled with 87,000 miles, is an oxymoron when referring to many recent Chrysler products.

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