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2014 Chevrolet Spark - when to replace timing chain?

Is the reason I don’t get to replace under my 100,000 mile warranty the timing belt, is because it is a timing chain? When DOES it need replacing? I have a 2014 Chevy Spark (not electric).

Verify with your dealer but Google info says your 2014 Spark has a chain and is not a service item. Even if you had a belt that would not be replaced buy your warranty unless it broke.

It can be done, but just wait for brake or skips

The brakes on your 4 year old car are no longer covered by the warranty.

Time chain can be change. I just wait for it to break or start skipping, or just buy rebuilt engine and put in the car.

In a car whose oil has been changed per manufacturer’s recommendations, it is extremely unlikely to need a new timing chain ever.

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I think the Gates (maker of timing belts) website provides a way to tell if your car uses a timing chain or a timing belt. I’d guess a 2014 spark uses a chain, but no need to guess. Check at Gates.

it is a chain, RockAuto has only a tensioner, not a chain as likely it is too new to need one,2014,spark,1.2l+l4,3023138,engine,timing+chain+tensioner,5736