2014 Chevrolet Corvette shifting

Is there any way to stop my C7 Stingray 7-speed from always attempting to shift from 1st to 4th when starting out from a stop? It’s as if I have to fight it to go from 1st to 2nd every time.

Yes, accelerate harder and it will go to 2nd gear. There is a solenoid that blocks 2nd gear if you are lightly accelerating. It helps save fuel. Your owners manual explains this. You might want to read it.

Or install this kit;

Hey Mustangman! Did you drive your Mustang up to the Vette Show in Sarasota? Looks to be only about 60 or 70 miles from you, eh? Traffic has really lightened up after spring-breakers and most of the snow-birds have gone. You could probably get there in about 15 minutes, right?

No, I didn’t go. It is more like an hour even without the touristas clogging up I 75.

Thanks. I read the manual and appreciate GM’s logic. But I bought the 7-speed with the intent to operate my C7 as I deem appropriate, without needing to work around a built-in governance. I understand that accelerating harder will avoid the skip shift. But, as I drive in heavy town traffic for part of my commute, accelerating harder isn’t often an available option. So, I was looking for a bypass “fix”. I appreciate the referral to the device offered in the link you provided and have ordered one. With that “upgrade”, the C7 will be perfect for me. Thanks, again.

4th is 1.00
5th is .74
6th is .50
7th is .42
that is some serious OD