2014 Chevrolet 1500 needs new injectors at low mileage?

2014 Silverado has 47k. Engine light came on with code for cold start/ rough idle. Dealer ran check and said four fuel injectors need replaced. How at such low miles?

May be an issue with the Displacement On Demand system. The system that shuts off 4 cylinders to improve fuel economy. Without knowing which injectors need replacing, it is just speculation on my part.

What was the actual code or codes?

What grade gas do you use? It only calls for the cheap 87 grade and actually using 89/91 will cause your injectors to clog and fail extremely quick… my brother in-law owns gas stations and is used to only putting 91 in all his vehicles, but those years silverados strictly call for 87 grade. It wasn’t until he had to have them replaced 4 different times that a mechanic told him, the sales man is supposed to tell the buyer (if you bought it from a dealership they could be at fault and foot the bill)

I don’t see how higher octane fuel would cause the injectors to clog… How does that work?

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This seems very unlikely. I’m not aware of anyone posting this theory here before. Clogged injectors are a very unusual report here. I mean injectors that actually turn out to be clogged enough to need replacing. The common complaint on older cars w/clogged injectors is usually resolved with a simple injector cleaner treatment product, either placed in the tank, or for tough cases mixed into the fuel rail.