2014 Cadillac SRX - Battery drain

Battery drain causing dead battery. When not on front wiper blades will turn on even if the selector switch is off. Blades will intermittently turn on and off. Can find no obvious draws.

Tell your shop the wiper blade symptom, they’ll check the switch and wiring. That’s probably involve. Shops have ways to monitor the current in each of the car’s circuit to narrow down where a battery drain is occurring. Security systems, aftermarket entertainment gadgets, ignition switches, and alternator diodes are pretty common culprits by the post here. Also try the forum search feature to see what others have said, upper right this page.

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Additionally, it is possible that this is another case of a bad Body Control Module.

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So who checked for a draw and how was this done? There is not nearly enough info to narrow it down including the battery condition.

Once upon a time, many years ago, I had a car that would intermittently run its wipers. It turned out to be wear and dirty contacts in the self-parking mechanism in the wiper motor. That may be no help at all for you, just my experience.

Ford escape?

Way older. Either a 82 Volvo 245 or a 72 Chevelle. Clearly a long time ago.

Reason I asked is my daughters 2010 Escape had parasitic draw. I Couldn’t find it with an amp meter. Did some internet searching and found that there was a common problem with the rear windshield wiper trying to activate (or trying to park) randomly. Removed fuse problem went away. Then replaced wiper motor. I hate hard to diagnose problems unless there’s time for it.

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