2012 Cadillac SRX

Driving down the road without notice air quits then radio quits then whole instrument panel lights up and everything quits, but engine is still running. After a minute or two everything comes back on and all is well. Happened two times in a couple of weeks . first time was dry weather second time was raining so probably not weather related. Happened in Panama City Beach FL has not happened again

  1. battery or connections
  2. miles of srx?
  3. lifelong florida vehicle?
  4. any beach excursions?

Poor battery connections can cause this.

Pull the terminals, clean the terminals and battery posts, replace terminals and tighten.


Yes, but failing diodes in the alternator can also cause those exact symptoms.
I would advise the OP to have his alternator’s output measured before he winds up killing his battery plus getting stranded and needing a tow.

Depending on how the center console is wired, it can also be a stack crash. BMW’s will do this - if you crash the cell phone module by, say, pairing a phone that is not on their short list of accepted phones to it, the cell phone module will take the radio, the navigation system, and the climate control with it and the whole thing will go dark, because everything is relying on everything else to be working in order to work.

If it’s not a physical wiring issue, this sounds suspiciously like something crashed (in software) and then rebooted itself, and everything that needs whatever crashed in order to work also crashed.