2014 Buick Verano - roof and trunk surface damage

looks like someone went over the hood roof and trunk lid with sand paper We have live in Zephyrhills Fl for 4 years The car is oarked in our car port

What question are you asking? If someone did this, contact police and insurance.

If weather did this… Welcome to Florida! The sun is hard on paint.


This may be a day and two years late but here is your answer: I had the same problem. It just so happened that a car detailor got me confused with another customer that had the same make, year, and color as my Verano with a discolored roof and hood. It’s a factory paint defect. A auto paint shop fixed the problem. The car runs like new even with a 160 miles and proper maintenance.

Do you think that it will make it to 1,000 miles?


How much maintenance did it need??


Just curious @locksleywade_180964 , did the manufacturer provide any $$ assistance on the re-paint job? How much did the re-paint job cost? Did you re-paint the entire car, or just the affected parts on the top-side?

The paint began to fade long after both manufacturer’s and extended warranty expired. The job cost $700/750 for the affected areas.

Full disclosures: no driving to the city (New York City) regularly. 90 percent of my driving is in the NY/NJ suburban areas. Normal maintenance: top-grade oil with regular changes. 2019 was a big year: shocks + tires; a/c fan; engine idle component.

A 4 year old vehicle needed all that work that now only has 160 miles on it .

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2014 Buick Verano – this means that my Buick turned 8 this year.

The thing is, everyone defines “normal maintenance” different. My normal maintenance is 5000 mile changes. Others push it to 10,000 because the oil minder still has some percentage left. Also everyone has a different idea of what should be spent to keep a car maintained. $750 to me would be a bargain for paint work. On one car I spent $800 for fluid changes and a battery. Tires were about $1100. I thought the prices were fine. I just replaced shocks, struts, tie rod ends, etc. on the other car as maintenance and still working on the list of things to be done.

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