2014 Buick Regal - Auto park brake issue

accidental pushed the parking brake at 65 mph, was ok for a while, then car would not accelerate properly. took a while to get to 65mph. engine light came on and the car on a scribbly road sign came on.

Appears parking brake did not properly release. Take it to your mechanic.
I suspect CEL may be related to undue stress placed on the engine and transmission. Mechanic should read the codes before ping anything.
“scribbly road sign came on”, indicates traction control error related to applying emergency brake at 65 MPH.

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I wouldn’t expect that to cause much of a problem, presuming the parking brake was applied briefly. If applied a long time, brake parts might have overheated I guess. But I think it’s quite possible the CEL is unrelated to the inadvertent parking brake engagement. Moot point, the advice above to take car to shop for inspection is what’s needed. Not a good idea for your sake or car’s to drive w/CEL on. Shop staff will be able to determine if problem is brakes or something else by reading diagnostic codes.