2014 BMW X5 recommended oil

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I see that Pennzoil Platinum is the recommended oil for BMW now. What is this Euro L? Is that ok for my 2014 X5? 5W-30?

What does your owners manual say your car needs? It is right there in that book.

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I haven’t used Pennzoil for 30 years and am not a fan. Others will disagree. I would suggest instead to go to a BMW dealer and use their oil. It isn’t that much more. For some reason BMWs do not like some brands of oil.

Pennzoil has a guide to help you select a product meets your vehicles requirements;

Same with Mobil Oil;


LOL, Thats a good one. I’m glad I didn’t spray too much of my coffee on my laptop.
Or a quick google search would have got you an answer even quicker. I’d go ahead and do it for you, but, I just don’t have that kind of time to waste.

BMWs have a very specific requirement (I assume that’s the “Euro L” you’re talking about). If the oil company’s web site states it meets that spec, I’d be fine using it.