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2014 BMW X1 with 2490 miles only for sale


I am looking to buy an X1 BMW, found a 2014 listed for sale with only 2,490 miles and it comes with an original manufacturers’ warranty for six years or 50,000 miles whichever occurs first. Should I be concerned about that car being sitting down all this time with no driving?

It could have been made in 2013, so that is 5 years. Tires last less than 10 years, so that could be an issue, specially if it was in a warm climate.

The warrantee may only have a year to run. 2 at the most.

Get it checked over by your mechanic.

Who placed the ad , what is the reason that it only has 2490 miles and is it near you or are you going to purchase sight unseen . Also it had better be really low priced .

Ask how long it has been sitting. If it has been more than about four months, make sure it runs. Ask to see any receipts. It may not have had an oil change, and you should look at the oil color. If there isn’t a dip stick, look at the inside of the oil cap and see if it is discolored.

I’d worry about the fuel system. It’s had to have gone months (years?) without being driven.

Yes. You should be more concerned about the X1 in my opinion. The first X1 was a sales failure in the U.S. The new one is entirely different and uses a new platform. Having tested the first X1 twice for a week each time, I strongly suggest you do a long test drive before getting too excited. Trouble areas: Seat comfort and steering effort. The stop-start also drove me nuts, and I am usually not at all bothered by it in vehicles. By comparison, I LOVED the new BMW X2 I tested recently, which shares much with the current X1. The price is the only downside I could find to the new one.