2014 BMW 528 - high-pitched whirring while coming to stop


High pitched whirring sounds while coming to a stop in Bmw 528i 2014… with and without brakes applied

Could be brakes, could be driveshaft, could be transmission - you don’t say auto or manual, could be tires. You don’t say where it is coming from - front/back/left/right/top/bottom? You don’t tell us how many miles are on the car. Or if you are working on the car yourself or a shop.

Really not much to go on. Post back with lots more details ad we’ll try and help.

It has about 85k miles, had new front brakes installed by an independent shop about 15k miles ago. This is an automatic car. Sound seems to come from the front . The weird think as that the sound is only when coming to a stop at slow speeds, usually at a traffic light, and I can hear it with and without the brakes applied… Replaced drive flat tires a few weeks ago but sound was before the new tires. Thanks!

If the whine is low pitched, could be wheel bearings. The pitch would change with speed, though. Does it change with speed?

The pitch does change a bit , yes.

Thank you.

Check the wheel bearings but also the brakes. The brake pads do rub the rotor a bit even if you aren’t on the brake.

Thanks. Maybe it is the brakes, and now I can take it back to the guy who did the brakes and have him look… otherwise the dealer would charge me $220 just to diagnose the issue!

Much appreciated!

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