2014 BMW 525 - How do I free my scarf?

The fringe on the end of a thin cloth scarf is stuck in a front seat belt buckle. The rest of the scarf ( which I’d like to keep!) is still attached to the fringe. :slight_smile:

Possibly a pair of hemostats pulling it out thread by thread?

Yep, I have a long forceps that has come in handy quite a few times like pulling something out of the garbage disposer or retrieving your keys that fell between the seats where your hand can’t reach. Slow and steady, one thread at a time. If not cut it and burn the fringe out.

Disassemble the buckle. You may have to unbolt it from the floor. There should be a few screws on the back of the buckle. It might be possible to do it without unbolting the buckle from the floor. You need to see if you can get a screwdriver into fasteners where it sits. I did this on a Honda Accord to clean the inside of a buckle.