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2014 BMW 328 - Diesel Future

What can you tell me about the future of diesel cars in America? I have a 2014 BMW 328d with a 2.0 L four cylinder turbo diesel engine. It is a fun car to drive and gets great fuel mileage (40-42 mpg). I understand both BMW and Mercedes will no longer market diesel autos in the U.S. beginning in 2019. Am I soon to be bamdieseled?

I have no idea what bamdieseled means.

The fade of diesels in the US won’t affect you at all unless you intend to buy another. If you do intend to buy another diesel, you likely will have a much smaller selection. Given the better mileage being achived year after year from gas and hybrid cars, the mpg’s you see with your BMW can be acheived with other alternatives.

After seeing the price of the additive Mercedes needs in a separate tank to meet the emission requirements why would a person buy a diesel anyway.

Except in trucks, diesel is dead in America. The main reason is the cost. The second reason is that it has pretty much no advantages when compared to a modern turbocharged gasoline engine. If you are interested in details you can check this out. It compares the last, and most modern diesel engine equipped mainstream car to a run of the mill top seller with a gas engine its same size, performance, and approximate price. A handful of “European” specialty cars may still be found. If you want one, you should act fast. The new turbocharged gas engines coming now have peak torque, and tons of it, at idle.

Don’t worry about getting proper service for you diesel. BMW will supply that. However, don’t contemplate buying another one. Diesels are persona non grata with environmentalists and nearly all passenger car makers are de-emphasising them.

Heavy duty truck diesels will be around for a very long time, but those mechanics will not work on your car.

As mentioned, Direct injection high compression gasoline cars run very clean without any aftertreatment. That’s the near future of the car IC engine.

When I bought my diesel in 81, fuel was actually a lot cheaper than gas. Factor in the better mileage and it made some sense. Now though, diesel is higher cost and there doesn’t seem to be much advantage in cars. You’ll always be able to get fuel and service though but may have to go to a truck stop like the old days.

Bamdiesled is a play on the word bamboozled. Tom (may he rest in peace) and Ray must be disappointed in your lack of humor.

Tim Martin

Personally, I’m happy with anyone new coming along with a sense of humor.

Why would you feel bamboozled? You have a car that you apparently love that you can keep driving as long as you’d like. It doesn’t matter if the sales of new diesels fade away.

Not sure if the brothers would be disappointed by my supposed lack of humor or your supposed attempt at humor! :rofl:

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I guess I don’t have a sense of humor either . I can’t even remember when I heard someone use the word bamboozled .