2014 Avalon or 2016 Audi A3

Considering a 2015 Avalon XLE Premium and also looking at an 2016 Audi A3. Any experiences with these vehicles? Recommendations? Thanks

What a different couple of cars. Which do you like? Does the A3 have enough room?


If you like the Avalon, go for it, it’ll be a great cruiser and car for 4 adults to travel. The A3 would be more fun, but much less room. I’d seriously consider the Avalon, but I need crazy headroom, it doesn’t have enough with the standard sunroof.

Avalon is beautifully styled and refined. I was surprised

A3 is probably more fun to drive…but the Avalon is more reliable…and real quiet and comfortable family car.

I’ve never heard anyone posting hear here say they’ve been disappointed with their Avalon.

For quality, reliability, and longevity, the Avalon.
For handling, the Audi.
What’s your preference?

This is an odd cross-comparison. How much room do you need? Do you like a sporty ride or a softer ride? How important are reliability and long-term cost of ownership?

Have you considered a used Lexus GS 350? That would give you somewhat of a blend of these two cars.

I would prefer the Avalon. The Audi 3 is cramped by comparison and will cost more to maintain.

Consider this another big vote for the Avalon.

I think the Avalon is a major luxury car deal compared to the expensive brands. Most of the luxury for a fraction of the price. Just like a high trim level of the new Chevy Impala compared to the Cadillac XTS.

If your are comparing the Avalon, why not compare it to other cars it’s class? Impala, Cadenza, and Chevy SS also rate well in the full size class. If you already did the comparison, including an Avalon test drive, get it now.

LOL, Jt, I respect your diligence! And your loyalty. :smiley: