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2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible - Clicks

Thanks in anticipation for any assistance you might be able to afford me – with an issue that is driving me to scream (probably in German), because it has to do with my VW Beetle Convertible,2013, diesel, Turbo, 6 speed (about 79 k mi.). There is a terrible clicking noise when I start the car and until it gets up to about 15 mph – not so much noise when I shift, but sometimes on the turns - not an issue on the highway. I have had it in to my mechanic (whom I trust) and he gave it the “once over” and was not able to find anything wrong. I could take it to the dealer but, as my Dad would say of service at the dealership “Jesse James used a gun” – at ;least he was honest about those he was robbing. thanks so very much. You are the best! Patrick.

Ask your mechanic to either drive it or ride along with you so he can hear the noise.


Stop with the old dad’s tales. The dealer knows your car well. Difficult to solve problems can often be solved more cheaply or more effectively by using the dealer. Don’t rob yourself of that resource. An independent shop is a good, and maybe best, place to but keep the dealer in mind.