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2013 Toyota Tacoma: does it really need a new rack and pinion?

Toyota dealer told me my 2013 Toyota Tacoma with 110,000 miles has a rack and pinion that is leaking. I’ve noticed no changes to my steering and seen no leaks/fluid on my driveway. Dealer quote was over $1,000 to repair. Dealer didn’t say what or where it was leaking. Just wondering if it really needs replaced or if the dealer is just trying to pull a fast one on me?

You are out of warranty so get a second opinion from someone who can actually see the unit. It can’t be seen over the web.

If you don’t trust the dealer, take it to a shop you DO trust for a second opinion.

If you are not seeing any fluid on the ground, the dealer may have only seen seepage from a very slight leak.

Keep an eye on the fluid level and top it off with only the correct fluid for your car. Don’t let a parts store sell you a “universal” fluid.

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Just keep an eye on the power steering fluid in the reservoir.

If the fluid level doesn’t drop, there’s no leak.


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