2013 Toyota RAV4 - Steering binds

When I go to turn right the steering wheel just gets very tight and you can’t turn and then it releases it.

Kim , this is dangerous and if you are not able to do the work put it a shop now .


There have been reports of steering rack failures but unfortunately no recalls. If that’s what’s wrong, it means you’re on the hook for an expensive repair and, as noted, it’s not something that can wait.

Your vehicle has electronic power steering. it is possible one of the sensors are bad. or there might be a software update to correct the problem. you should call the dealer and see if there is one for this problem.
do you have a check engine light on?

No it doesn’t have a check engine light on.

Electric power steering faults won’t illuminate the check engine light, you must check for faults in the Power Steering ECU.