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2013 Toyota RAV4 - Scammed?

I took my rav 4 into get a new drive shaft. I did not take it to the dealer as it was out of the way. My receipt says they replaced my drive shaft i also had to pay freight for the part. I had to bring my car to the dealership they asked me what happened to my car i explained showed them the receipt only to be told the old drive shaft is still on the car and was installed incorrectly. What can into about this…

You got ripped off. Time for a lawyer and maybe the police.

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Did you bring the car to the dealership because the independent shop was unable to fix it properly or did you bring it to the dealer for another, unrelated issue? I would have the dealer take a picture of the supposedly replaced driveshaft and write up an invoice that states they inspected it and, in their opinion, it has not been replaced. Call or take that to the independent shop and ask them about it. You need some sort of documentation otherwise it’s your word vs theirs. Good luck.

Not even sure why the drive shaft on a 2013 needed replacement, but I am sure there is a story behind it.

But, yes, if you can prove that the mechanic charged you for a new part and did not put it in, also to top that put the old part back in improperly, then they owe you a full refund. You have to get your ducks in line.

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