2013 Toyota RAV4 - Left me stranded

For the second time, I was stranded with my 2013 Rav 4. It was running fine and we took it to San Francisco, and at 11 pm it wouldn’t start. Had it towed 65 miles home while we took Uber. They needed to replace the fusible link and the battery terminal. This same thing happened two years ago. Now I’m concerned it can happen again. Toyota was not so concerned, though the dealership said they’d let powers that be know. Has this happened to anyone else? Thank you!

Sounds fishy, as in general Toyotas are quite reliable.
It would be nice to know some history on the car.
Was it ever in any accident?
Was any non-Toyota electronic equipment installed like radio/amplifier/subwoofer?


Did it have a dead battery, get a jump (incorrectly), frying the fusible link?

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