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2013 Toyota Corolla - Did I get ripped off?

within a few months, the mechanics that we go to said my husband’s car needed new struts (Toyota
prius 2012), my car needed new struts (Toyota Corolla 2013) and my daughter"s car needed new struts (2016 Nissan Versa) at $700-$800 each. I thought this was fishy and wanted a second opinion, but my husband insisted it was fine, refused to get a second opinion and paid for all of the work to be done. We live in an urban area and do not drive on unpaved, rough roads. Should
i report this company for cheating customers, or does this sound reasonable?

The repairs were authorized by the customer, so reporting will probably get you nowhere. Here in Michigan you can request to have the old parts given back to the customer within 5 days of repairs, but struts can be hard to diagnose off the car. If just one strut is bad, both struts should be replaced, so bear in mind that all six struts may not be broken.

HIGHLY unlikely even the Prius needed new struts and certainly not your daughter’s 2016 car.

I used to design these parts as an engineer for a living. If you weren’t leaking oil - running down the side and dripping off - they were still OK. Your mechanic had a boat payment due. Well, 3 boat payments because he sold the tri-fecta of struts to your family. I’d suggest finding an honest mechanic.


If this is a franchise type place then there should be a corporate office to contact . Keep all of your records and if your husband can’t grasp the concept of second opinions on something like this then he needs some serious education.

@BetsyDiamant-Cohen It is entirely possible that your husband will not change his thinking but at least see if you can explain to your daughter that she may have paid for something she did not need . The online review sites might help her find a better place for service.