2005 Toyota Highlander, leaking strut, warrant just ran out!

My warranty just ran out a month ago and I find I have a leaking front strut, which means replacing both struts for $800. Do you think if I call Toyota they would give me a break, maybe pay for part of my repair. It seems ridiculous that a strut would go bad with only 30,000 miles on the car.

I would discuss with your dealer first. If they are not willing to ask Toyota for a good will replacement, or cost sharing, then I would get get two or three bids from independent shops for the replacement. If you have to pay full price, make sure you get struts with a lifetime warranty, so you at least avoid paying for the part again.

Maybe Toyota will pay for it…but I doubt it. As for replacement…Buy aftermarket…(KYB or Koni just to name a couple). As good or BETTER then OEM and probably less then half the price.

Thanks for your help. I called a dealer and they said they would look at it, they might honor the warranty, might as well try. If not, I can get them done at a local mechanic for $500.

Exactly how did you just happen to notice that the strut was leaking. Did you find this yourself or did “someone” point it out to you? This is really unusual for any strut of this age, much less a Toyota strut.

The Lexus dealer (where I bought it used 2 years ago) found it while doing the 30,000 mile inspection. Also, my husband showed it to me, it’s leaking alot.