2013 Toyota Avalon - using fuel injector cleaner

For years I have added a can of fuel injector cleaner (quality brand) at every third fillup. I normally use 86 octane from the “box store”.It seems to work perfectly. I would ask your comments of this practice, or use a better grade of gas ie top tier as you recently recommended .

I guess you are trying to ask Ray who might not see your post here . You seem to have something that works for you so why change .I guess you could go to every 5th refuel if saving a few dollars is your goal.
I just fill our vehicle with fuel ( 87 with 10 % Ethanol ) so you must be in Colorado or some place like that.

Then why change what you are doing ?

If your “box store” is Costco, they sell top tier gas, no need to add your can of injector cleaner.


Does your owner’s manual allow 86-octane gas? I’d be more worried about that.

That’s the Toyota 3.5 L V6, same as in the Camry, regular is OK.

Do what makes you feel good but I only use the standard gas that has cleaners in it. I only once had a clogged injector back in 1987 and that required cleaning with the canister at the dealer. I really see no use in the additives but as they say you can’t prove a negative so maybe it works or maybe it doesn’t.