2013 Subaru. Subaru will not fix! Should be recalled for the noises


I have taken the crosstrex in several times for this noise that happens during moderate cross winds through the windshield. Going about 65 plus. Subaru cant seem to duplicate it due to protocols. They cannot exceed the speed limits or go to far from their store. I’ve gotten a hold of corporate and they go by what the store tells them. Pretty much telling me that I must live with it. I’ve also been given a loaner while they tried duplicating the noise and the loaner even made the same noise. How is it that no one else is saying anything about this, in regards to their own crosstrex. What else can I do? I paid 25000 for this vehicle, it has bumper to bumper warranty. I feel I’m being taken. I feel I’m being treated as a liar and not being taken seriously. Someone please tell me what I can do or disprove this. Like I said so far two vehicles I’ve driven has made the same noise.


If this is a wind noise you’re referring to maybe it’s caused by the roof rails. If that’s the case the odds of this becoming a Recall are about slim and none.

How to prove or disprove this I cannot tell you.



If the loaner vehicle is identical to yours, it’s quite possible that the noise is considered acceptable and normal

As a professional mechanic, who used to be at a dealer for many years, I can tell you that as far as unusual noises go, the first step is often to grab an identical vehicle for comparison purposes

If the identical vehicle also makes the same noise under the same conditions, that’s when we stop to consider that the noise may be normal for that vehicle

I’m just trying to explain how things are handled at a dealer

You might want to ask the dealer if there are any technical service bulletins pertaining to this noise

I wish you luck, in any case


Can you describe the noise? Do you have an app on your phone or a small tape recorder so you can capture the noise and play it back for the dealer?


This unfortunate incident emphasizes how important it is in trying out vehicles in exactly the same way you would use them. Now, if you habitually break the speed limit at lower highway speeds, it’s important to find roadways with higher or no limits…or don’t speed. I have a wind noise from the mirrors on one of my cars. I knew it to begin with so I have no complaints. If other samples have the same noise, you have little recourse. You might want to experiment with add on deflectors on your roof rails or look into removing them.


Do they have luggage racks on the roof? These can make a lot of wind noise…


If you have the roof rack, try removing the cross bars, see if that makes any difference.


Recalls are for safety reasons, not noises. If it really is a problem, it should do it at progressively slower speeds as time goes on. If you have a roof rack, make sure the cross bars are tightly secured. We had a rattle on our van due to loose roof rails.


Just another wonderful SUBARU experience. @GOliver Get used to the noises! Your subaru comes fully equipped with a rattling cabin in usually 2 years or less.

Love, it what makes a subaru, a subaru.


This discussion with other owners might help you:



Good link, @jesmed - looks like removing the crossbars helped in several cases.


Your car should be able to meet or exceed any speed limit in the country without making any unusual noises. In some places the posted limit is 80 mph. Have someone sit in the back seat with a video camera and document it.
When did we on this forum become the speed police?


How about recording the sound and playing it back at 2 am in the morning when he ( the manager) picks up his home phone. :wink:


Sometimes you just have to help yourself. I had a TB that had some noise from the racks and everything seemed normal about them. Since they could be repositioned, I found a “storage position” for them when not in use that eliminated the noise. Just moving them an inch or two made the difference.


recalls are for safety ideams