2013 Subaru Outback - CVT woes

My 2013 Subaru Outback with 130k miles is unfortunately not “Sharing the Love” with a couple of transmission related error codes (P0700 and P2764). I believe this may require replacing the CVT transmission valve body. Is this common for a 2013 Outback?


Common , not really important . You have a problem and transmissions do wear out . Some sooner than others so find an independent shop ( Not one of those like AMMCO and other chain operations ) . Of course ask for an estimate before they do any work.

The warranty on your vehicle transmission has been extended to 10 years/100,000 miles. If your vehicle is still covered, the repairs must be performed at a Subaru dealer.


Thanks for the reply…mine is only 7 years old but unfortunately has 130k miles so I believe I’m out of luck with the extended warranty

Thanks for the reply Volvo…I certainly agree and have actually already scheduled a visit to have the issue investigated further…I’m mostly just asking to see if this sounds familiar to others. From what I’ve read already, it seems like this CVT (made around the time mine was,) has some design issues…

Read that warranty document very closely. My reading of it says that they will give you another year even if the miles are beyond 100K.

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