2013 Sentra Radio and USB ports won’t work after unplugging battery

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I have a question.

I was driving my girlfriends Sentra a week ago and it lost all acceleration while stepping on the gas. A bunch of lights went on on the dashboard. I managed to pull over to the side of the road on a side street. Once I pulled over, I tried turning the car off by hitting the push button. The car would not turn off.

I called my service at Nissan and they told me to go in the fusebox under the steering wheel and pull the ECU. I did so and the car still would not turn off. I was fumbling with all this over a period of an hour and decided to just pull the negative terminal off the battery itself. The car finally turned off. The car was then able to turn on and off like normal again. I have no idea with what happened here so if anyone knows, please let me know.

The other problem is my radio won’t turn on and my USB port in the middle glove compartment won’t work. This happened after unplugging the battery. I checked all the fuses under the steering wheel and under the hood. Everything is good. I even replaced them for good measure. Still won’t work.

Any ideas would be appreciated…

Is there a security code that you have to key in to initialize the radio.

I hope @mustafa_aleem_152606 is correct about a security code, but pulling the negative terminal on the battery while the car is running is an extremely bad idea. One thing the battery does is help manage voltage spikes from the alternator that would otherwise fry some of the electronics. I wonder if the radio got fried when you pulled the terminal. I think an auto-electronics specialist might be helpful to aid in diagnostics. If this is the original OEM radio that came with the car, maybe this is the opportunity you were waiting for to upgrade the radio! :wink:

Wow, this is exactly the old GM vs Microsoft joke in real life!

If Microsoft built cars instead of computers, we would think it was normal when the dash screens went stupid to pull over, close all the windows, unplug the car and re-boot so we could drive away.

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Or the three engineers carpooling when the car dies. The electrical engineer says “it is a wiring fault and we should re-wire the entire car”. The mechanical engineer proclaims that “the entire drive train needs to be rebuilt”. The software engineer suggests, “why don’t we all just get out and then get back in?”


The radio won’t even light for me to enter a code. Zero activity on the radio.

Yes I agree about pulling the negative off the battery is a bad idea but what else was I supposed to do? It was a 95 degree day. And even the air conditioner was blowing hot air at the time. The car wouldn’t turn off. So I had to pull it as a last resort. Yes maybe I fried the the radio and USB ports. I guess I have to take it to Nissan. Blah

If it were me, I would pull the fuse for the fuel pump. you could also try to stuff the exhaust, but I wouldn’t recommend that unless you have some very thick gloves as it’s extremely hot

Try a reboot, with the ignition off disconnect the battery for five minutes then reconnect. I have had about one out of a hundred cars with dead batteries have a problem like this and a reboot usually works.

The ignition wouldn’t turn off but was the engine running?