2013 Nissan Rogue - Rattle under the car at 30

I just bought this 2013 Nissan Rogue from a young lady that stated I might have to get tires aligned. But the alignment seems to be find but I am hearing this rattling from under the front of the car when I am going about 30-35 miles an hour. Any one ever had this happen? before I take it to the dealership?

Why use a dealer ? Any good independent shop can solve this . Just because someone had a rattle does not mean yours or theirs is caused by the same problem . Just have it looked at in case it is something serious.


Here’s a couple of ideas

  • If automatic trans, could be a problem with the torque converter, torque converter shudder.

  • Fastener has come loose & something actually is rattling, for example an exhaust system heat shield, a plastic under-engine liner, etc.

If one of those two, should be fairly easy for you shop to figure out which it is.


If it was a Subaru we would know it’s the heat shield. I’d have a mechanic look it over if it was my car.

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Does the noise continue past 35mph? The transmissions on these are particularly troublesome, and belt/chain noise is a common indicator of a problem… If the transmission is ok, I would highly recommend having the fluid changed at the dealership if you don’t have documentation that it has been done already.

Did you not drive the car before you bought it? Or have a pre-purchase inspection performed?

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