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2013 Nissan Juke - I love Nissan (not)

Nissan is the worst car. they stress people out cause of the service engine soon light goes off - why? cause they are a huge failure of a company. The car only has 55,000 km and it’s new and you flash this light on SERVICE ENGINE SOON - so much stress NISSAN gives to people. The worst every company and car in the world. LEMON LAW in CANADA qualifies this car to the scrap yard.

You really have no idea what you are talking about. That warning could be as simple as it is oil change time . Have you been servicing this thing like you should ? Is this your first vehicle that has that warning system ? And that kind of warning is on many other brands so maybe you should just have it checked in case you do have a problem. And no the Lemon law does not even enter into the picture here.


Then what is your problem? The Canadian Lemon law got your money back after 55,000 KM and 7 years . Seems you got your monies worth and a lot more from your Nissan.


Those two statements are mutually exclusive.


Here’s some reading as to why the “Service Engine Soon” light might be lit.,plugs%20to%20name%20a%20few. The car’s computer has detected a problem and stored a code that describes it. Have the code read and that will tell you what’s wrong. It might be something simple for all any of us know. No reason to give up on your Juke just yet.

When you find a car that’s 100% guaranteed to go 55,000 km without a problem, please let us know what it is.

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All I can say is “WOW”. I would like to know how in the world a 2013 vehicle with 55,000km. could ever be considered “new”


Not for everyone but the 3-4 owners that I know are loving theirs.

Canada’s lemon law applies to an 8 year old used vehicle??

Of course not, but nothing in the original post makes sense, and I seriously doubt if the OP will ever return to explain the inconsistencies.


Gee, I have had 2 Nissans, a 2008 Altima and my current ride, a 2019 Frontier. Love(d) them both, and Nissan treated us right by replacing the transmission in the Altima under warrantee when it started to whine (no actual failure).

I don’t think that i’ve ever seen a complaint (whatever it is …) on this board ever presented in such a convoluted mess.

I would love to hear the OP’s reasoning (if there is any) behind this complaint but the odds of them returning and giving a concise reason for their displeasure are not very high.

Eight years old, 55,000 Kms, and described as “new” kind of boots logic out the door…


Time for a haiku:

OP pitched a rant.
Can’t we see they’ve come and gone.
Let’s just let it go.