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A2004 Nissan Quest - Reminder light went out - Do I still need service?

My Service Engine Soon light came on about a Month ago. I was told by my Nissan Dealer that I needed to have the ECM reprogramed and EFI Checked.
Last night The Light went off when I drove car from my son’s house home,should I still go to dealer for Service on those Systems?

Yes, you should.

Went off or burned out ?
Yes you still need to get it checked

With a 2004, I wouldn’t go to the dealer. I’d rather go to another shop to save some money. Honestly, if the check engine light went off and the vehicle runs well, I wouldn’t worry about it until the light came back on or the vehicle ran poorly.

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If it goes out it was probably a temporary problem - maybe gas cap loose.

It is not the “Check Engine” light

It is the “Service Engine Soon” light, which can mean something as simple as a loose gas cap, or even time for an oil change.

It will often set codes like the “Check Engine” light, so it should still be checked

Ok. My truck just has a yellow outline of an engine. I’m not sure if that’s a check engine light or a service engine soon light. I’ve always called that a cel. It comes on when there’s a driveability concern, emissions system error, etc. If it goes off, and it runs well, I’d leave it alone. Because an error is no longer detected.

What’s the difference between “service engine” and “check engine” as far as these lights go? Maybe foreign cars vs domestic are different? My wife’s Toyota just flashes “maintenance required” every 5k on the display. As far as I know, it won’t stop until you reset it.

Regardless, I ain’t taking a 14 year old vehicle to the dealership. It’ll go somewhere else. Dealerships are for warranty work, in my opinion. Beyond warranty, they just charge too much.