2013 MINI Cooper - Problems?

What problems does this car have? My airbag light is on. I also have to add oil so my mechanic thinks I may have an oil leak. But he checked under the car and there is no oil leaks.
Do these cars have oil leaks.

With airbag light “on”, usually the airbags will not deploy. If your mechanic can not fix it, it might require a trip to the dealer.

RE oil usage. How many mile do you drive before you need to add a quart of oil?

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Minis are troublesome cars requiring lots of expensive repairs. They leak oil but they burn it, too. If you just bought this, you may be sorry you did. If you have owned it a while, sell it.


Airbag light and oil leak are two different issues. These are known for being notoriously unreliable .


If you have a turbo-charged engine, first suspect for rapid oil loss is a leaky turbo seal.

common oil leak locations

  • oil pump control solenoid
  • cyl head plug
  • oil drain plug, pan gasket, and valve cover gaskets

Any engine will consume oil also, which is normal. It will consume more when

  • turbo equipped
  • hasn’t been broken in yet, less than 4k miles say

The following could lead to higher than normal oil consumption

  • problematic pcv system
  • using wrong oil spec
  • deferring routine maintenance

Normal engine oil consumption is probably in the area of one quart in 750 miles or less.

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