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2009 MINI Cooper S - Ich bin ein Ölbrenner

2009 JCW loses one quart oil in two tanks of gas. No leaks, and no smoke at all. Where’s it going?

It’s being burned. No smoke because it’s being dealt with by the catalytic converter.

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Soooo 2 tanks of gas would be what, 600 miles? Your rings are shot. 10 year old Mini with, what? 120,000 miles? Keep adding oil and plan to get rid of it or replace the engine along with the catalytic convertor.

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Thanks for the responses guys. Car has only 84,000 miles on it. I’ll do a compression and a leak down test and see what shows.

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It is going into the air you and your neighbors breath.

Anyway, I was able to do comp test, warmed engine, results were pretty good, plugs look pretty good too. #1-160, #2,3,4-165
I couldn’t figure out how to add a photo.
I can do a leak down but with these numbers, think it’s necessary?
Yeah, catalytic converter and emissions would be concerning. Car did pass California smog test no problem a year ago with this oil issue.
I’ve read that the pcv system is not the best, and some people block it and install a catch can. Not something I really want to do.
Also, I recently replaced oil filter housing and cooler gaskets, they were leaking, hoses and lines. When I looked in the intake side of the inter cooler, there was probably one or two tablespoons of oil. Bought the car used and not knowing if it’s been off before, with several thousand miles I didn’t think it was unusual. Is it?
Thanks, Robert

I’d say the rings are just fine. I’d be considering a look into the PCV system or…

I’d pull the intake hose as close to the cylinder head as you can get. Take a look inside. Is it just covered with oil? Suspect a turbo shaft seal has failed and is fogging oil into the engine and out the tailpipe.

Also assume the PCV system is at fault. It is common on these engines. The PCV tend to get stuck open. Apparently you need to replace the entire valve cover to fix it. Read about it here;


I’d say oil seal in the turbo.

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