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2013 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class tires

My car comes with front and back tires different size and are MOE run flat. No spare tire as you know on the SL class. Are run flat tires worth the cost or would you just take your chances with regular tires? The run flats are almost exactly two times higher and extremely expensive.

A lot of that depends on how you drive and where you drive the car. If only low speed driving you might be able to get away with a couple of fix a flat type products… If a lot of higher speed interstate highway driving, I would go with the run flats. I got a simple puncture at 75MPH, tire was shredded by the time I stopped.
In other words, it’s depends on your tolerance for risk.

You drive a Mercedes Benz and are complaining about the cost of tires? Those 4 round rubber lumps are the only thing between you and death. Spend accordingly.


Well Mustangman, I didn’t realize everyone that drove a Mercedes had unlimited funds. That’s good to know. I was expecting answers like yours. Thanks for all the useful feedback and information……

do you have any issues with old tires wear? performance? road feel? get the tires you want. and have AAA

I am glad to meet your expectations! I hope you take my advice to heart.


Run-flats provide a level of security that ordinary tires don’t. You can get to a place of safety instead of being stuck at a random place where a flat occurred. That may be especially important to the more wealthy, more criminal, and less secure among us.

Buying new tires is an opportunity to get the car fine-tuned to your priorities. I recommend the Consumer Reports tire test results and the info at to help you decide on your next set of tires.

I’d post this on one of the SL forums, see what folks who own them do.

Every tire brand has a web site . Even Sams Club - Costco - and major tire sellers . All you have to do is put your vehicle in the online tire guides and you will see what tires fit and the prices .
I have no idea why that does not occur to more people .

It’s unlikely you will have a flat tire unless you drive in an area where there is a lot of road debris. I used to work in a light industrial park. My company had several buildings, including one some distance from my office. That distant building was next to a scrap processor, and there waer lots of screws, bolts and other metal scrap that’s tore up tires regularly. People that worked there avoided that intersection. If I had to drive there, I went in the back way, making a two minute drive a ten minute drive.

If you don’t live or work in an area like that, you could get by without runflat tires. OTOH, you can’t pick where you will get a flat, and it might be in an area you don’t want to be in. The runflat will allow you to drive to a safer area before dealing with your flat.