2013 Lexus GS 450h - soy wiring too attractive to rodents!

What (if anything) can be done about new cars using soy based wiring which is extremely attractive to rats and other rodents. Our Lexus has been “attacked” twice. The first time took $16,264 to fix the damage and the second time a year later took $11,289.75 of which we only had to pay the deductible of our comprehensive insurance coverage. My understanding is that all cars made in the last few years have this problem. The auto makers don’t seem to care and I’m afraid that the insurance companies may stop covering it because of so many claims. Please don’t tell me to move. We are in our first house and have been here 42 years.

We use this product in an unheated pole barn over the winter where classic cars. hot rods, boats. motorcycles, etc… are stored.


Most home improvement centers sell something similar.