2013 Kia Optima hybrid system warning message

hybrid system warning1
safety stop and do not drive; that was the message it when of 26 days ago geigo text me a shop and they can find what it is

The vehicle has been setting for 26 days ? I guess you meant Geico ( which is an insurance company ) . Most of the time Hybrid problems require a dealer shop .

If you’re the original owner, you have a 10yr./120k warranty on the hybrid portion. If not, hybrids have been around for years and I would hope GEICO would recommend a qualified shop.

You found this site but can’t find Google?

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Google for what? Mr Geigo has assured the OP that they can find the problem.

Thanks for letting us know.

Is this collection of words a question,or even a sentence? A semicolon in the middle and no other punctuation is just confusing.


OP has car problem. OP needs to take car to dealer or a tech who can fix hybrid issues.

And owner’s insurance company has apparently recommended a shop. So it’s not clear what owner wanted here but he probably didn’t get it.