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2013 Jeep Patriot with occasional banging noise

This noise just started. Vehicle has less than 60k miles. I can’t identify where it’s coming from, but after listening to different noises on YouTube, it almost sounds like a piston knock. The noise isn’t constant and there’s no difference between hot/cold engine. Does not make the noise in park or when sitting still at a light. I can hear it when I turn sometimes, and also when going over bumps and for a few seconds when accelerating, but not every time.

Vehicle has recently started pulling to the left, and there is a slight gas smell when standing behind the vehicle when it’s running. Tires are less than a year old, have been rotated once since, and the left front axle shaft has been replaced within the last 6 months. I also always change the oil every 3 months even though I’m usually under 3k miles.

Any ideas?

This would lead me to think it is not from the engine itself.

This would make me think it is a suspension problem.
I would have the suspension checked before it causes more damage.


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That is a little excessive. Check your manual for the severe service miles or time .

Smelling fuel is not good so have that looked at soon and they might even find your banging at the same time.

That’s what my manual says, 3 months or 3000 miles, whichever is sooner.

Thanks, at least I have a starting point now. Will call tomorrow.

A bad CV joint is another possibility.

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