2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee drops to lower gear

while driving suv Bougs down too a lower gear then I pull over an turn off suv an restart runs great again till next time it happenes

Ask if there’s any flash reprogramming tsb’s for the transmission. I’m seeing one here that may apply , 21-035-15, “A/T WA580 Shift enhancements”. There may be others. Make sure all the flash reprogramming work has been done for both the engine and transmission before thinking it might be something else.

ok. is this a 2013 4WD? automatic? need more info. I have a 2013 GC Laredo. 2WD. 5 speed automatic. NEVER drops into any gear - unless I stupidly hit the shift knob.

I love this Jeep.

Jeep=2wd? Wtf?

Thank you for your help very helpful

Hi Thank you for your help that’s was very nice of you