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2013 ix35 - Rattles

2013 ix35 has a rattly engine and an auto gearbox that sounds like you are slipping the clutch on a manual.

This is an ix35 not a santa fe

If you are the original owner the Powertrain is warranted for 10 years/100000 miles.

I’m the second owner, bought at 12000Ks now 55000Ks

The only thing I think anyone can ask on this forum is has the oil been changed at the specified mileage/time and is it currently at the correct level? Same for the transmission fluid. Is the check engine light on?
If CEL light is on post the code numbers and maybe someone can help.
At this low of mileage your power train should be running like still new.

I don’t see an ix35 listed under Hyundai for 2013. Are you outside the USA OP? I see a customer interest bulletin for the Santa Fe for A/T harsh and delayed shifts, 13-at-009. Requires a transmission module capable scan tool for a computerized diagnosis. Transmission replacement may be needed.

Hi, I reside in New Zealand, this was a common model here and Australia and UK but was discontinued about the end of

Hopefully somebody else who lives in that neck of the woods reviews these forums. We do get quite a few posts from that area here. best of luck, & g’day mate! You might google that tsb number I posted above, could provide a clue.

thanks anyway

The ix35 is a Hyundai Tucson