2013 Honda CRV - towing question

I have a 2013 CRV that I flat tow with my motor home. on a trip to florida the battery was dead in the morning. what could be causing this problem?

When towing the ignition switch must be in the accessory position for the steering to be unlocked, this will draw some power from the battery. For extended towing the owners manual advises to remove the radio fuse to reduce power draw on the battery, see page 236.

I’m not an expert on subjects regarding towing, but I do know this: Whenever Toyota upgrades a vehicle to have a higher tow rating, or to be ready to tow in a vehicle like its RAV4 (similar to the CR-V) Toyota adds a heavier-duty alternator. My assumption is that is because when towing there are additional loads on the vehicle electrical system. For example, from trailer lights. A transmission cooler is also added. My 2007 Highlander had both of these “upgrades.” The new RAV4 Adventure trim also has them both. The 2013 had a 1500 lb trailer weight rating. Is your motor home heavier than that?

@GorehamJ Are you confused ? The CRV is being towed behind a Motorhome( small drivable apartment ) , not the other way around. Actually this may just be a five year old battery that needs replaced.


YES! Sorry. I had that bass ackwards!

Well, looking on the bright side, at least you gave most of us an amusing mental image as we contemplated a CRV towing a motorhome!

How would this be different than turning the radio off? Perhaps other electronics is on the same fuse?

One would also need to enter the radio code to get it started again - unless that anti-theft measure has been changed in recent years.