2013 Honda Civic Intermittent Brake Squeak/Whine - Brake Pads are fine

I just recently bought a used 2013 Honda Civic with 22,000 miles.

When I apply the brakes at speeds below 20mph, you can hear a high pitch intermittent squeak from the front right wheel.
The time in between each squeak gets longer as you slow down.

I check the pads on both sides and they are both fairly new. (close to a cm on the pad left) The wear indicators were no where close to the edge of the pad.
I greased them up and still nothing. I checked around the rotor for any metal that could be touching it but I didn’t find anything. Plus I have no idea what would make an intermittent squeak like that.

Any ideas?

While I don’t have an explanation for it, I do know from experience that many models of Japanese cars do not take well to aftermarket brake pads. So, if these are not the OEM brake pads it is possible that the only solution might be to replace the pads with genuine Honda brake pads.

I checked the pads and they are Honda pads.

Might be glazed from hard use. Pull the pads and lightly sand.

Alright, I’ll try that tomorrow and post the results.