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2013 Ford Ranger front control arm bushes - end float

front control arm bushes has end float movement is this normal?, only as i have bad tire wear inside and outside of the tire tread of both front tires, was told by tire shop to replace shocks was sent in for wheel alignment to try an remedy this, has done 140k on clock…any suggestions thanks…cheers willy

So your control arm bushings are worn . . . upper or lower?

Based on your mileage, if your suspension is still original, I’d say your upper AND lower ball joints are probably shot, and your steering may need attention as well. Inner and/or outer tie rods may be gone by now

We have a lot of Rangers in our fleet, and the suspension doesn’t last very long

You need to to go a competent shop that specializes in front end work . . . not pep boys, just tires or any of those big name franchise places

A competent alignment shop should have inspect all these parts. You need a better shop.

But you have the American Ford Ranger, if posters is really a 2013 it’s from Argentina and is a midsize truck